Fun Things Toy Service helps medical and commercial businesses maintain a professional atmosphere by establishing a clean, friendly, and orderly environment for children to play in. We relieve your staff of the responsibility of cleaning toys and maintaining play areas by providing the following services:

  • On-Site Cleaning and Toy Rotation
    • Fun Things performs on-site cleaning of wall-mounted activity centers, toy shelves, and large play equipment.
    • We work with each client and adjust the frequency of cleaning based on the volume of business and budgetary concerns.
    • We will assist the client in determining the proper mix of toys appropriate for each location.
    • We provide toy rotation, replacing all loose toys on the scheduled cleaning date with a similar assortment of clean toys.
  • Off-Site Cleaning
    • Soiled loose toys that have been picked up during scheduled cleanings are brought to our facility for top-quality cleaning and disinfecting.
    • Fun Things carefully inspects all toys for loose or broken parts.

Fun Things works with your staff to design and furnish play areas to include tables and chairs, shelves, rugs, and appropriate toys and equipment. We are responsible for delivery, set-up and assembly. Fun Things purchases from any and all available providers and will share discounts whenever they apply.

Fun Things Toys Service, LLCS81 W19079 Apollo Drive, Muskego, WI 53150 (262) 971-9973